"even when the winter comes, and your tan goes away, your flushed face and blue eyes magnetize me in. .over the winter this year your dirty blonde hair had me running my fingers through it, you’re sweatshirts had my hands getting lost within them, and my chapped lips always seemed to get chapstick before falling into a tangle with yours. I do think you’re sexy, no matter the season. When it’s summer its sexy ass bikinis short shorts and irresistible tans. When fall comes its leggings with sweatshirts and warm kisses on cool nights. When winter comes its being locked indoors under blankets, outside in boots and jeans pelting each other with snow. As spring comes you transition to your sexy tank tops, we fall on top of the blankets as my lips begin saying hello to all your exposed skin which hid from me in the winter. And then we repeat it all again, with new adventures, new destinations, new crazy ideas, and a hell of a lot more mature then the year before." -he said to me